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FYS 1005: Jesus as Superstar

A research guide to finding information on Jesus and how He has been portrayed on film.

Research tutorials

Common Book

Library Common Book Webpage

Text Books

All text books except the Bible are on closed reserve. Bibles can be found in the Reference area or in the library stacks between the call numbers BS185 and BS195.


Review Library session from 1/18

Some Films About Jesus


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Using the Library

First things first--the library home page is a good place to start for any research you might be doing.

Check the library FAQs for answers to your questions about finding & checking out books.

Once you've checked out a book, you might want to renew it. You can do that online here.

Sign up to have your library reminders texted to your phone.

Check the library hours before you visit the library. Chances are good we'll be open, but it doesn't hurt to check.

The Reference Desk is where you go to ask any questions you have about doing research. There's a librarian at the desk 9am-9pm M-Th, 9am-6pm Fri, 12-6pm Sat, and 12-9pm Sun.

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Things You Should Know


  • The library has computers on 3 levels, the basement, first floor, and second floor. There are also two classrooms on the second floor with computers.
  • The library lends games--"Settlers of Catan," anyone? No? "Apples to Apples"? "Twister"? Chess? What about "Yahtzee"?
  • The library has TV shows and movies on DVD, and music on CDs.
  • The library lends BICYCLES! (Ask about the Otterbike program.)
  • The library lends digital cameras, remote clickers, laptops, flip video cameras--and more.
  • All you need to borrow a book, a DVD, or a laptop is your Cardinal Card. (Borrowing a bike takes a little bit of paperwork and a sign-up fee the first time.)
  • The library has a cafe right inside the doors (the Otter Bean Cafe)--grab a snack and come on in.
  • The library has children's books, and you don't even need to be an education major (or a child) to read them.
  • The library has friendly librarians who want to help you.
  • The library has friendly student employees who want to help you.
  • You can email the reference librarians:
  • You can text a question to the librarians: 614-259-7404.


Bibles in Reference