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NURS 5310 OL: Advanced Pharmacology


** When you are OFF CAMPUS. When you click on any database such as CINAHL, to search for articles, you will see a red box asking for your user name and password. This is the same one you use for your Otterbein OZONE or Web Mail. Remember it is Case-specific. So if your password has capital letters in it, type it in exactly.

** When you Link To Ohiolink or the EJC (Electronic Journal Center) : You will be asked to choose an institution (Otterbein) and for your name and your Barcode number. This is your Cardinal Card number that starts with 7777-- enter all 16 digits.

** Disable and turn off ALL pop blockers on your home/office PC

NEED a QUICK General Medical Article that is a bit more scholarly? Search in HEALTH SOURCE CONSUMER EDITION database.


NEED a QUICK General Medical Article on a topic? Try 

Interlibrary Loan Option

Distance Education Students: Access to Journals in Otterbein's Library


We can send interlibrary loan articles directly to your email account. Additionally, the interlibrary loan department will provide distance education students with articles from print journals owned by Otterbein. These articles will also be delivered to your email account.


What you must do:

1. You must be able to access the online ILL form. This requires a cardinal card.

2. You must indicate that you are a distance education student in the cited in: field.


This service is only for distance education students who are unable to regularly come to campus. Any requests for locally owned articles made by faculty, staff, or non-distance learning students are automatically cancelled. The only way we know you are distance education is if you indicate your status on the ILL form.

3. Email. We prefer that you use your Otterbein email account. However, if you have a preferrred address (such as you can enter that information in the Cited in: field as well. If for any reason your preferred address does not work, we will then send the article to your Otterbein account. For more information about accessing your Otterbein Email account go to


Subject Guide

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