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FYS 1014: Race/Gender/Class in American Sports


Welcome to FYS1014: Race/Gender/Class in Sports.  

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Required Texts

Things You Should Know!

  • The library has computers on the basement level, on the first floor, and in two classrooms on the second floor.
  • The library lends games--"Settlers of Catan," anyone? No? "Apples to Apples"? "Twister"? Chess? What about my personal favorite, "Yahtzee"?
  • The library has TV shows and movies on DVD, and music on CDs.
  • The library lends BICYCLES! (Ask about the Otterbike program.)
  • The library lends digital cameras, laptops, flip video cameras--and more.
  • All you need to borrow a book, a DVD, or a laptop is your Cardinal Card (borrowing a bike takes a teensy bit of paperwork and a sign-up fee the first time).
  • The library has a cafe right inside the doors (the Otter Bean Cafe)--grab a snack & come on in.
  • The library has children's books, and you don't even need to be an education major (or a child) to read them.
  • The library has friendly librarians who want to help you.
  • The library has text books on Course Reserves.
  • You can text a question to the librarians: 614-259-7404.