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Communication 1400


Resolved: The California Fair Pay Act should be implemented on a federal level.

This guide will help you find information about the Fair Pay Act.  Separate tags will designate books, articles, government resources and NGOs (nongovernment organizations, such as advocacy groups). 

About the resolution.  There are two components of this resolution that need to remain in focus as you construct your argument. 

1. California Fair Pay Act - Know this law. What is it? When was it inacted. What have been the consequences? 

2.  Should be implemented on a federal level- You'll want to look at what the government is currently doing regarding wages & salaries, then consider if the act could be successful at the national level. 

Meet with Librarian

If you are having a hard time getting started, or run into a road block with your topic get direct help! Schedule a Research Consultation with your subject librarian to get one-on-one assistance.

Overview - Initial Sources

A few resources that give good overall viewpoints on a topic.


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