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Communication 2400

Debate Topic: USFG should significantly change the process for electing the President


Race of the Unloved, by Canadian Pacific

A few resources that give good overall viewpoints on a topic.

CQ  Researcher - Great in-depth current event reports. Look for topics such as specific voter blocks, campaign finance, etc.

One recent (2015) example:

Political Polling: Do polls accurately measure public attitudes?

CRS Report to Congress-

The Electoral College: How It Works in Contemporary Presidential Electionsfrom April 2016. Note: CRS Reports are researched and created for the benefit of Congress. These are wonderful sources. A good place to look for CRS reports is


Resolved: The United States Federal Government should significantly change the process for electing the President.

This guide will help you find information for this debate topic concerning how the president is elected. Separate tags will designate books, articles, government resources and NGOs (nongovernment organizations, such as advocacy groups). 

About the resolution.  There are three components of this resolution that need to remain in focus as you construct your argument. 

1. Who - This concerns how the federal government operates.

2.  What is needed- the government needs to make a significant change. How might this change look? Amendment? Law? 

3. What to change - Electing the president. So what is the current process? If you argue in the affirmative, why isn't it working?