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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Virtual Classrooms and Meeting Spaces

Session Access

The information on this page will help you a become familiar with Collaborate Ultra so you can participate in lectures, meetings, and other virtual sessions hosted via this system. To access a session, you must receive a guest link from the session's moderator (usually an Otterbein faculty member or employee).

Access to Collaborate Ultra is managed by the Center for Teaching & Learning. See the Access & Roles section of this LibGuide for more information on how to become a moderator.

Note: If you are moderating a session, see the Moderate a Session section of this LibGuide to get started.

If You Get Disconnected...

If you are disconnected from an ongoing Collaborate Ultra session, follow these steps to reconnect or to address the issue:

  1. Follow these instructions to clear your browser's cache, then exit/quit the browser completely (close all browser windows): 
  2. If time allows, restart your computer (do not disconnect your headset and/or Webcam).

  3. Find the guest link you were provided and open it using Chrome or Firefox. Follow the system's prompts to rejoin the session.

  4. If the issue persists:
    • During university business hours (M-F, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern Time), contact the ITS Help Desk ( | 614-823-3100)
    • Outside of business hours (nights and weekends), contact Blackboard's 24/7 hotline at 1-877-382-2293

Pre-Session Essentials

Audio, Video, and Communication Overview

Access Collaborate Ultra from Blackboard Learn

Collaborate Guides for Participants

The following information will help you get started with Collaborate Ultra.

Accessibility Guides for Participants

The following information should help participants with disabilities or other special assistive requirements use Collaborate. See the Moderator section of this LibGuide for accessibility information for session moderators.