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An Island Apart: Cuban Artists in Exile - Spring 2016

Information to support Spring 2016 Cuban visual and performing arts programming.

Coco Fusco


Coco Fusco is an interdisciplinary artist and writer, and her work will be featured in a video exhibition in Spring 2016. She is currently working on a new book entitled Dangerous Moves: Performance and Politics in Cuba

Fusco's work combines electronic media and performance in a variety of formats, from staged multi-media performances incorporating large scale projections and closed circuit television to live performances streamed to the internet that invite audiences to chart the course of action through chat interaction. Her most recent performance, Observations of Predation in Humans: A Lecture by Dr. Zira, Animal Psychologist, revives the character from Planet of the Apes to offer a commentary on contemporary forms of aggression that is supplemented by multimedia illustration. 

Fusco received her B.A. in Semiotics from Brown University (1982), her M.A. in Modern Thought and Literature from Stanford University (1985) and her Ph.D. in Art and Visual Culture from Middlesex University (2007).

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The Couple in the Cage

Directed by Fusco and Paula Heredia, The Couple in the Cage: Guatianaui Odyssey documents a performance art piece of the same name. Featuring Fusco and Guillermo Gómez-Peña as members of a fictional Caribbean tribe, The Couple in the Cage examines Western interactions with cultures perceived as primitive. More information.

Documentary-The Couple in the Cage from Paula Heredia on Vimeo.

Coco Fusco's Books

Books Fusco has written or edited.

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