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Introduction to RefWorks

This guide will provide tips and resources to aid you in using RefWorks.

Welcome to RefWorks!

RefWorks logo

Courtright Memorial Library subscribes to an online citation management system called RefWorks. Use it to save the citations for books, articles, websites, and more to a personal account and easily create notes and bibliographies for your research papers.

RefWorks allows you to:


. . .citations from databases like EBSCO, JSTOR, and Lexis Nexis.


. . .them into folders by subject, project or class.


. . .them into bibliographies in MLA, APA, Chicago Style, and more.

You can also import citations from EndNote or enter them manually. RefWorks saves links to your research materials online so you can access them from anywhere.

This guide offers answers to FAQs on:

  • Accessing RefWorks
  • Importing citations
  • Exporting citations
  • Creating bibliographies with RefWorks
  • Using the RefWorks Write-N-Cite plug-in
  • Getting help with RefWorks

Helpful Links

These websites can help you use RefWorks or get additional training.


The template for this libguide came from Amy Fry's libguide RefWorks at BGSU. Thanks to Amy for letting me borrow portions for this guide.