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MBA Resources Guide

Use this guide to get access to MBA library resources.

Five Steps to Company Research

Check out Mintel!

Mintel Academic provides a one-stop online platform, designed to give students and academics easy and fast access to the same best-in-class consumer and market intelligence used by professionals around the world.

  • Stay on top of market sizes, shares and forecasts, brand profiles and product innovation
  • Understand consumer trends and their business implications
  • Cite specific market data in research papers and business plans
  • Monitor international developments
  • Shape informed opinions based on solid data and expert recommendation

If you are a new user to Mintel, you must set up an account using your Otterbein email.

Industry Classifications

Much of the industry information available to you is based on codes used by the U.S. government to classify the information collected from corporations. The NAICS code is current,  but some sources still use data based on the older SIC codes.

More information about these codes below

Business Databases