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Becker Gallery Artist: Flint Garrabrant

An art piece of toilet paper

Unprecedented Times: Recent Works by Flint Garrabrant

Artist Reception: October 13th, 4:30pm-6pm in the Becker Gallery

Artist Statement:

The last several years have been interesting, to say the least. We’ve experienced a global pandemic, education and industry turned upside down, and political and social unrest. I am not unique in the fact that all of these events have touched parts of my life in some form or another. I’ve been stressed, eager, hopeless, hopeful, angry, sad, amused, and depressed. I often find myself making art as a means of finding catharsis as I mull over my own life experiences. The artworks here are my reflections of my personal feelings on current events since 2016.

The mediums represented are somewhat disjointed. The techniques range from CGI 3D modeling to recycled material collage with acrylic paint. In the last 6 years I’ve rethought much of how and why I create the way I do. This body of artworks reflects my growing pains as I reach for new methods that may better suit my needs, though that goal post also seems to move as my practices improve as well. There is never really an end in sight. The earlier work of traditional painting and recycled materials show my beginning as a traditional artist here at Otterbein during my undergrad years. As time progressed, I leaned into the more contemporary digital realm as I found myself forced into new digital practices as a byproduct of teaching high school art via Zoom and Google Classroom during a pandemic.

While the subject matter may differ and the materials may vary wildly, I find the works fit well together as a unit. When I look at the pieces together, I see common veins of layered imagery, centralized focal points, and human figures. The commonalities spanning these works spring from a shared history that has been built up in my mind over many years of creating. As I ruminate on the diversity of the artwork displayed here, I find myself coming back to how this feels eerily like a reflection of the country in which I live. It is diverse, multi-layered, showing evidence of growing pains, and if given enough time and opportunity it is can all come together with a deliberate, conscious effort.

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