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Art of Tough Conversations

The Art of Tough Conversations

Monday, February 24th @ 4pm

LIB 127
Do you dread gatherings with the family because you all have different opinions about important things? Are you struggling with figuring out how to have a difficult conversation with someone you love? We’re here to help! The Art of Tough Conversations from 4-5:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 24, in Library 127, will outline a variety of techniques to turn a debate into a dialogue so you can engage in a meaningful way with the people who matter to you. This workshop will include roleplaying exercises so you have an opportunity to practice what you learn.  Refreshments will be provided. Please RSVP to Kirsten Peninger at by Feb. 21 and include a general topic you find hard to talk about. This event is INST and FYS approved.

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ASC Upcoming Events

  •  Study Smarter -  Tues., Sept. 17 @ 3 PM - Library 124
  • Test Taking Tips - Mon., Sept. 23 @ 3 PM- Library 011
  •  Learning From Your Previous Math Exam? - Thurs., Sept. 26 @ 3 PM- Library 011
  •  Test Anxiety -  Mon., Sept. 30 @ 3 PM- Library 127
  •  Time Management - Tues., Oct. 8 @ 5 PM - Library 011
  •  Midterm Regroup -  Wed., Oct. 23 @ 4 PM - Library 011
  • Test Anxiety -  Tues., Nov., 5 @ 3 PM - Library 124
  • Test Taking Tips - Mon., Nov.,19 @ 3 PM - Library 011
  • Finals Prep -  Tues., Dec. 3 @ 4 PM - Library 011 
  • Finals Prep -  Wed., Dec. 4 @ 4 PM - Library 127

Workshop Descriptions

Study Smarter
Are you studying for long periods and not getting the results you want?  Are you finding that you're not always sure how to study the material in your college classes?  We'll examine some principles of learning and discuss strategies for learning more effectively.

Test Taking Tips
Are you looking for ways to improve your test taking skills?  We will explore different test taking strategies to use for any type of test and look at specific strategies for multiple choice and essay tests.

Test Anxiety
"I hate exams!" "I study but then I freeze up on every test!" "Tests make me so anxious!" Sound familiar? Then this session is for YOU! Join us to discuss test anxiety, explore ways to break the cycle, and practice techniques that can help relieve some of the stress brought on when taking a test.

Learning from Your Previous Math Exam?

Did your math test grade not meet your expectations?  Need help figuring out where you went wrong while preparing for a math exam?  Bring a recent math quiz or test and we will explore ways to up your game before the next one!

Time Management
During this interactive workshop students will learn effective time management techniques and create their own Master Schedules.  The session will focus on strategies for managing life as a student that balances study and commitments with self-care and a social life.  Students should bring their course syllabi and calendars/planners to the session.

Midterm Regroup
Finish the semester strong!  Join us at this session to learn time management skills, how to avoid procrastination, and study strategies to help you succeed.  With 8 weeks left in the semester it is a perfect time to regroup.

Finals Prep

During this interactive workshop students will create a concrete study plan for the last week of the semester and final exams.  The session will emphasize time management, study strategies, and self-care.  Students should bring their course syllabi and calendars/planners to the session.