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INST 2620 / THR 3510 - Theatre History: Early Humanity to 19th Century

Annotated Bibliography: Compare and Contrast Activity

Once you've chosen your pairing of topics, you can map out your research strategy by thinking through the following questions:

  • What do I want to know about these topics?
  • What are areas of difference between these subjects?
  • What are areas of overlap or connection?
  • What search terms would I want to see in an article or other source?* 
  • What overarching subject areas cover my answers to the above questions?*


*(See the "Starting the Research Process" page for more on how to use keyword search terms vs/ subject search terms)

Download a PDF version of the in-class concept-mapping activity below

PDF Compare/Contrast Brainstorming Activity

Zotero Citation Management

Learn how you can track and organize your sources as well as generate citations over on our Zotero LibGuide.

Theatre History E-books in Otterbein Collection