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What is Sustainability?

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In 1987 the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations defined sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." --Our Common Future


Sustainability is a broad interdisciplinary concept that has applications on a local to a global scale.  Therefore, it has many different definitions and interpretations. This guide will point you to resources for learning more about sustainability-related topics. Use the tabs above to find detailed information about each topic.

For a visual explanation of Sustainability, try one of these Ted Talks:

New Sustainability Books in the Library

the Courtright Memorial Library has over 2,400 books and ebooks touching on the topic of sustainability.   You will find items focused on the following areas:

  • economics/business
  • food
  • living sustainably
  • philosophy/reflection
  • social justice
  • systems thinking

See the list in our catalog by searching for Sustainability as a key word.

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