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Zotero: Citations and Bibliography help for your Papers

Importing References from Refworks into Zotero

There will be slightly different procedures between Legacy Refworks and New Refworks, although functionally the process is very similar.  The video at the bottom details Legacy Refworks. The steps below are for New Refworks.

Steps to transfer folders.

Note: procedurally, you can export all of your Refworks citations at once following very similar procedures as outlined below. You would just do the transfer steps from All References. However, if you do this you will lose all of your folder structures. Below will show you how to transfer individual folders.

1. Open the folder in Refworks you wish to transfer.

2. Click Share, then Export

Share button for Refworks

3.Format should be BibTeX (this should be the default format that comes up). Hit Export.

4. This will download a file called export.bib - you'll find this file in your downloads. You will need to rename this folder before you upload to Zotero. From your downloads find export, right click, and choose rename. You do not need to keep the .bib - in the example above I just renamed it blackbirds.

5. Open your Zotero App. You'll need the App, not your web library.

6. Click File > Import.

7. Where do you want to import from? Dialog box will open. Just click next.

8. Choose your renamed file then click Open

9. Options Dialog box as below. You want to copy and leave the check box checked

Zotero Import Options Dialog Box

10. Click Finish and all of the References will have been imported. However, no attached files have been imported.


Video on how to transfer from Legacy Refworks.

Importing attached documents

Any attachments you've added to Refworks will need to be downloaded separately to add to Zotero.

1. First transfer your references to Zotero.

2. In Refworks, click on the attachment.

Refworks Attachment3. Download the document.

4. In Zotero, go to the reference you are going to add the attachment to. Chose Attach Stored Copy of File

Zotero import attachment

5. Chose the file and click Open

6. To view the attached document in Zotero, click the arrow next to the reference and the attached document can be clicked on below the reference.

Zotero view attachment