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Zotero: Citations and Bibliography help for your Papers

Managing in-text citations

When you use Zotero with the plug-in for Microsoft Word or LibreOffice, you can use it to insert your in-text citations (also sometimes called parenthetical citations, depending on the citation style).

To insert an in-text citation, make sure the Zotero application is open. Place the cursor at the point where you want to insert the citation, then open the Zotero menu in your word processor. (Its location or appearance may be different based on your word processor and operating system. On a Mac, it may be in the script menu.) Choose "Add Citation."

Zotero Tab in Word

The first time you add a citation in a new document, Zotero will prompt you to set your preferences for the document. Choose the citation style you are using, then choose to insert the citations as fields, and to store the references in the document, and click OK.

what style of citation - example APA 6th edition

A search bar will appear. Begin typing the name of the author or title of the piece you want to cite.

search bar with cornelius in it

If you need to enter a page number, double click on the citation in the search box.

search bar with cornellius, 2015, p. 22

Then press enter twice to insert the citation.

Generating a bibliography

When you use Zotero to manage your in-text citations, you can also automatically generate a bibliography for your paper.

NOTE: You'll need to have at least one citation for this feature to work. If you don't have any direct citations you'll get an error message. Select the references in the Zotero app you want, right click, create bibliography. Chose your citation style, copy to Clipboard and paste into your Word document.

To generate the bibliography, format the page according to your citation style, and place the cursor where the references need to go.

blank references

Then go to the Zotero menu and choose "Add/Edit Bibliography."

Zotero Add/Edit Bibliography button

Zotero will generate the bibliography from the references included in the document and format it according to the citation style set in the document preferences.

full references page

If you add or remove references to your paper, chose "Refresh" from the Zotero menu to update the bibliography.

Zotero refresh command

Be sure to double-check your bibliography before turning in your paper to ensure that Zotero has properly formatted it.

Inserting citations - Video tutorial

Generating a bibliography - Video tutorial