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Online Teaching and Learning Guides

This guide will provide resources for online course design principles, good practices and theory into practice guides and suggestions.

ACUE Inclusive Online Teaching Webinars (October 2020)

To support instructors in creating inclusive learning environments, ACUE is offering a set of free resources, including 10 inclusive teaching practices that can be immediately put to use to benefit both faculty and their students. These practices are tailored for online teaching but are also relevant to the physical classroom.

These 10 practices include:

  1. Ensure your course reflects a diverse society and world.
  2. Ensure course media are accessible.
  3. Ensure your syllabus sets the tone for diversity and inclusion.
  4. Use inclusive language.
  5. Share your gender pronouns.
  6. Learn and use students’ preferred names.
  7. Engage students in a small-group introductions activity.
  8. Use an interest survey to connect with students.
  9. Offer inclusive office hours.
  10. Set expectations for valuing diverse viewpoints.

Download 10 Inclusive Teaching Practices

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