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Design Course Content in Blackboard

Building Course Content - Where to begin?

Blackboard gives you a wide range of options for creating or uploading content or managing activities for your courses. For example, you can use your course as online storage to share course-related documents with your students or you can use it to build Web-based content to be read online, much like a Web site.  You can also use Blackboard's course tools to engage your students through online discussion or collaboration and to collect and grade student work. 

Most Blackboard courses use a combination of these features; but when you are starting out, it's better to focus on one and expand from there.  To determine the best fit for your course, think about the following:

Course Content vs. Course Tools

Will you use Blackboard mainly to share content (e.g., weekly readings, images, audio, video, Web-based articles, etc.) or to conduct course activities (e.g., student writing, tests or projects, discussions, etc.)?

  • If you will use Blackboard primarily to share large amounts of information with your students, then Blackboard's content-building features may be the best option for you.
  • If you will use Blackboard mainly to conduct and/or evaluate course activities you might find Blackboard's Course Tools to be more helpful. See Blackboard's Getting Started for Instructors page for more information about course tools.


Tip: Blackboard Navigation

Tip Icon (exclamation mark)For information on the layout and functionality of different areas within a Blackboard course shell, see Blackboard's Set Up Courses page.

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