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Online Assessment with the Blackboard Grade Center

An overview of basic and advanced features in the Blackboard Grade Center.

Grading in Blackboard: Quick Reference

The steps below outline the recommended process for using the Blackboard Grade Center from the moment you start building your course, to the end of the semester.

  1. Make a list of all graded activities in your course, whether they will happen within or outside of blackboard. You can use this later to check that the Grade Center has all the columns you need.
  2. As you build your course, configure the grading options for assessments, assignments, or any other prompts for student work that you create so they receive Grade Center columns automatically.
  3. When you finish building your course, check the Grade Center and manually add any additional data or calculated columns you need.
  4. The final step in preparing the Grade Center for your course is to configure optional settings like creating a grading schema, editing what information is shown to students, and/or setting up “smart views” to track student performance.
  5. As you teach your course in Blackboard, you will be able to enter grades manually or to modify Grade Center data, if needed.
  6. At the end of the semester, you can compute your students’ final grades directly in the Grade Center using Calculated/Weighted Columns

Tip: Work Offline with Grade Data

Tip Icon (exclamation mark)You can download Grade Center data to work offline and avoid duplicate entries or perform complicated calculations. Once you're done, you can import the revised data back into your Blackboard course. See Blackboard's Work Offline with Grade Data instructions to learn how.