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Sustainable Grading & Meaningful Assignment Feedback

Getting Started

Grading can be a daunting or even frustrating task, but don’t despair! Whether it’s a mountain of undergraduate essays, a maze of mathematical problems, or a stack of tightly-wound graduate papers, this guide will help you assess student learning more accurately and fairly, but also more quickly, so you can focus on giving students the feedback they need to grow.
Note: This guide was started from materials related to one of the CTL's Do's & Donuts events. Form more information on this and other materials created by the CTL, see the Guides & Resources section of the CTL Web page.

Link to "So Many Papers, So Little Time" - Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae (Web Article)

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PhD Comics cartoon strip titled "Grading Methods". Three boxes describe each method. The first shows 3 marked papers and reads "Method 1: Grade one problem at a time for all the papers." The second also shows three marked papers and reads "Method 2: Grade all the problems in one paper before moving to the next." The third shows a distraught instructor standing in front of large stacks of papers and reads "Method 3: Start with method 1, despair over how long it took to grade the first problem, forget consistency, switch to method 2." Thought bubbles appear above the instructor and read "one problem down... 20 more to go?" At bottom: Copyright Jorge Cham, 2010