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First Year Seminar Library Partnerships

Request a library session for your First Year Seminar about what the library can provide for students and other helpful sessions.

Library Orientation Tutorial

Faculty Resources

How can we help? Programing ideas and other library activities.

  • Library Scavenger Hunt (to explore the library as a place)
  • Exploring the Periodicals (to learn about newspaper and magazine holdings)
  • Library Archives Visit (to learn about the history of Otterbein)
  • Smart Use of the Internet (avoiding fake news, questionable web sites, etc.)
  • Editing Wikipedia
  • Common Book Research Activities
  • How to Make Presentations with Technology
  • Citations Basics
  • Academic Integrity
  • E-Portfolio Support
  • Others (suggestions?)

Request Library Session

Remember! You have an assigned liaison librarian who will contact you early in the semester to plan together. This person will be your contact person for all library-related questions.