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INST 2602: Making Art, Making Meaning

Resources and information relevant to the topics discussed in INST 2602.

Choosing your art work

Part of your work for this class is to study a work of art in person. An artist that is too new or obscure may have very little written about them outside their own web page. Using multiple sources can give you a fuller picture of the work.

To find materials in the library, you will want to use the databases and catalogs listed under the books and articles tabs above.

Untitled (Urban Scene)

Hughie Lee-Smith. Untitled (Urban Scene), 1955. Columbus Museum of Art

Final Note: As you use work that you find online think about how you use it and where you post. It is important to consider intellectual property in your endeavors.

Museums & Organizations

Museum web sites can be a great way to learn more about individual artists. As you learn more about an artist, you may see their work listed as being at a certain museum. Look for that museum's web presence.


As an example, we are going to look at a Hughie Lee-Smith painting.