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Debate Topic: Puerto Rico's Political Status

This guide will help you find information concerning refugees, asylum, and Puerto Rico's political status.


Flag of Puerto Rico

CRS Report to Congress


Resolved: That Puerto Rico should become the 51st State.

This guide will help you find information for this debate topic concerning refugees and asylum. Separate tags will designate books, articles, government resources and NGOs (nongovernment organizations, such as advocacy groups). 

About the resolution.  There are two components of this resolution that need to remain in focus as you construct your argument. 

1. Puerto Rico - Obviously, the focus here is on Puerto Rico. However, you may want to consider how other islands that are territories are doing. You might also consider other islands to make comparisons, such as Hawaii and the Philippines. 

2.  51st State- This is all about political status. Should Puerto Rico become a state, seek independence, or maintain the status quo.  

Other Overview Sites

A list of other general sites that often offer pro/con information on a variety of topics.

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