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Common Book Otterbein University

The Common Book guide showcases past Common Books and their resources, the current Common Book and the guidelines and lists for future Common Books.

Common Books & Themes 2002-2009

2009-2010 Ann Pancake, Strange as this Weather has Been -  Theme: Cherish What Remains 

2008-2009 Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier  - Theme: Journeys Lost and Found

2007-2008 Helena Maria Viramontes, Under the Feet of Jesus -  Theme: Courage, Compassion, Commitment 

2006-2007 Martin Goldsmith, The Inextinguishable Symphony -  Theme: Arts, Politics and the Survival of the Human Spirit

2005-2006 Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains - Theme: Beyond Self:Living with Purpose

2004-2005 Mark Hertsgaard, The Eagle's Shadow - Theme: Trading Places: The U.S. as Others See Us 

2003-2004 Anthony Grooms, Bombingham - Theme: Dreams and Disappointments 

2002-2003 Ruth Ozeki, My Year of Meats Theme: Change. Not so Easy. 

Common Book Titles & Themes 1995-2001

2001-2002 Mary Doria Russell, The Sparrow Theme: Making Contact

2000-2001 Helen Fremont, After Long Silence Theme: Selves and Stories, Disguise and Disclosure

1999-2000 Alex Kotlowitz, There are No Children Here - Theme: Building Walls, Creating Doors

1998-1999 Sharyn McCrumb, She Walks These Hills - Theme: Legacies 

1997-1998 Scott Russell Sanders, The Paradise of Bombs - Theme: Conscience and Courage: Personal Landscapes

1996-1997 Gus Lee, China Boy - Theme: Educating the Community: Growing Apart and Staying Together

1995-1996 Anna Deavere Smith, Fires in the Mirror - Theme: Culture, Conflict, and Community