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Communication Studies Research Guide

An introduction to resources that will provide assistance with Communications Studies research.

Sample for Critical Analysis

Example articles

Nexis Uni search atleast3(amanda gorman)  

[can further limit - length > 1000 | by language | by phrase "hill we climb"

Find Examples

Your syllabus gives a great overview of topic ideas.

Examples of possible texts:

• Children’s books – Harry Potter, Black is Brown is Tan
• Shows – Riverdale, Dan & Phil (YouTube), Game of Thrones, Law & Order
• Media Coverage of events – like OJ Simpson, or presidential election
• Toys – like dolls, a game, or a video game
• Political Debate - How Hillary Clinton manages the need to be both feminine and assertive
• Music – particular genre or specific songs
• Advertisements – Cigarette Ads, Beer Commercials, Abercrombie, campaign ads
• Campaign films
• Pictures – Abu Ghraib, Police Militarization, 
Also: look to lists- GOATs and controversy.  Here are a few examples: