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Communication Studies Research Guide

An introduction to resources that will provide assistance with Communications Studies research.


Think about the type of informative speech you want to give. This can be "about" something, a person, place, event, etc. You could think about concepts as well.

How To:

"a minimum of 3 sources. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and personal interviews DO NOT count as sources for the minimum requirements..."

what do you define as a good quality source?


What are his constraints as a speaker?

What parts are factual/ informative? What parts are persuasive?

What specifics do you hear in this clip?

Beginning until 2:00

What type of information was provided?

Why do you think the information was presented in this format, rather than as a speech?

Who is the audience for this video, as opposed to the previous video?

Who do you think is a great speaker?

Looking for Great Speakers

So where do you go to find great speakers or listen to great speeches?

Cicero (106-43BC) was a great speaker, but recordings of him are difficult to obtain.

A few places you can look: