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Design & Teach Travel Learning Courses

This LibGuide provides an introduction to the development of travel learning experiences of different kinds. From stand-alone, short-term trips to course-based or even semester-long programs, academic travel can be a powerful way of introducing learners to other cultures and ways of life and to broaden their perspectives as they go deeper into a particular discipline or career. Although travel learning could be considered a worthwhile pursuit on its own merits, it also supports learning outcomes that may be outside the specific disciplinary focus of a given activity or course. These include developing intercultural communication and collaboration skills, improving one's writing and critical thinking abilities, developing a sense of global citizenship and community, and so on.

Getting Started

These books are a great resource as you get started developing your travel learning course or program. They are currently only available through inter-library loan (click each title to request them), but will soon be added to the Library's collection.

Link to "How Traveling to 83 Countries Made Me Who I Am" - Andrew Solomon, Condé Nast Traveler (Web Article)


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In this video, Rick Steves, a professional traveler, author, and educator explains the potential of travel as a way of creating positive social change in one's home country and abroad.