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Digital Video for Teaching & Learning

A guide for faculty interested in digital video in its various forms. Examples include digital storytelling student assignments, instructional videos, lecture capture, and/or video-based research projects.

The Center for Digital Storytelling - UC Berkley

Video Source:

Educational Video Communities & Channels

Digital Storytelling - College of Education, U. of Houston

Link to "Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling" - College of Education, University of Houston (Web site).

Fair Use

Working with video for teaching, research, or any other type of project often involves using recordings created by other people or entities including clips from commercial films or television. This practice is legal under certain constraints that describe the "Fair Use" of copyrighted content. The links below should help you determine if your use of copyrighted video constitutes "Fair Use". Please note that "Fair Use" is not a guarantee - you should err on the side of caution when using copyrighted material in your courses.