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Opening Doors Spring 2022 - Lands, Real and Imagined: Women Artists Respond to the Art and Travel Writings of Maria Graham (1785 - 1842)

A look at how women "see' the world, featuring contemporary artists and female-authored travel narratives from the 19th century to the present. This material also relates to ENGL 2232 (Spring 2022)

Preserved Libguide

This guide was created to support the display/event during the time period listed. Links have not been updated since the conclusion of this display/event and may no longer work.


Maria Callcott Portrait

The inspiration for this academic course and art exhibition is the early 19th century travel writer, Maria Graham (later, Lady Callcott). 

Graham’s travel writings influenced many other women writers during her lifetime, and still raise important questions about gender, travel, and culture for women artists today:

  • How have/do women conceptualize travel?
  • How do women approach travel as a topic?
  • What do women see/notice/attend to through their travel “gaze”? (Is this different from a male “gaze”?
  • How did/do women circumvent travel challenges or impossibilities?
  • Where do our ideas about culture come from?

Maria Graham Art

painting by Maria Graham of Chile

View of L’Angostura de Paine in Chile’

Banyan Tree, Journal of a Residence in India

View of the Corcovado (Vista do Corcovado)

Costume of the Brigands

View of Count Maurice’s Gate at Pernambuco, with the Slave Market, Brazil

Dona Maria de Jesus Brazil

Botanical Illustration Supplied to William Hooker, 1825

Opening Doors to the World

Otterbein University deepens its commitment to global education with Otterbein and the Arts: Opening Doors to the World, a multi-year focus on the arts. 

For Spring 2021-22, Otterbein will be highlighting isses related to THE LAND.