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This guide will provide resources and assistance to students within the Department of Engineering.

Search Strategies for One Search

1. The Basic Keyword Search

One way to find scholarly journal articles from the library is to start with a keyword search in OneSearch. From the Library home page, make sure you are on the OneSearch tab on the main search box. 

Enter your keywords. You do not need to enter unimportant words like articles (a. an, the) and prepositions (or, not, but, and). Click Search. 

2. Refine Your Search

For this search, we got over 12,000 results, which is way too many. These results include old articles that are out of date, books, videos, and a whole bunch of information that isn't going to be useful. We need to refine this search so that we get the best results possible.

On the left side of the page, check the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals box. This will limit your results to just scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. 

The scholarly peer reviewed journals box in One Search.

You also can limit your results by date, either by using the slider bar or by clicking the buttons.

This shows the slider bar to limit results by publication date.



Are you looking for an article in a specific journal?

You can do an Advanced Search in OneSearch!

Click Advanced Search under the Search box.

Advanced Search

Delete your keywords from the search box. Click the drop down menu arrow on the right of the first box. Select "SO: Journal Title/Source." This allows you to just search for a specific journal title. 

Enter your journal title. For this example, we will search the journal Clinical Biomechanics for articles about stairs and gait. Notice that I left the second and third box on the default "Select a field (optional)" setting. This means that the database with search the journal Clinical Biomechanics for the keywords "gait" and "stairs."

This is my example search in the journal Clinical Biomechanics.

Below, you can see my results. I have 148 results, versus the 12,000 I found in my first search above. I can narrow this further by date. 

My results page showing 148 results instead of 12000.

Looking for the Full Text of an Article?

Look for one of these buttons. Depending on where the article is located, it may take a few clicks to find the PDF.

Image of the Full Text link for the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center (EJC)