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Journalism Research Guide

An introduction to resources that will provide assistance with Journalism research.

Evaluation Method for journalism

There are a number of ways to consider & evaluate news and a few are listed below. Stony Brook's Center for News Literacy has the following:

  • Verification:  

    • Does the article, newscast, etc provide evidence to confirm the accuracy or truth of the statements made? (also consider how much evidence is presented.
  • Independence:

    • Is there a system of checks and balances to give independence to the writers from direct influence or control by and outside source?
  • Accountability:

    • authorship is clear and there is responsibility for the work. 

Visual Literacy

Pictures, infographics, and video are very powerful sources of information. It is as important to interrogate these types of sources as any others.

Oxfam Infographic on Women Working from 2015

What is this infographic trying to convey? What does it tell you? What does it leave out? 

BEAM method for using a source

BEAM is an acronym intended to help students think about the various ways we might use sources when writing a researched argument. Joseph Bizup, an English professor at Boston University.

Beam method for using a source


Remember that part of your credibility rests on you validating sources.