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Journalism Research Guide

An introduction to resources that will provide assistance with Journalism research.

Tools for Journalism

These are different sites that can help you gather or process information. You also might consider using RSS feeds to gather material from various sites.

SIFT method for evaluating resources

SIFT is a series of actions you can take to determine the validity and reliability of claims and sources on the web.

The SIFT method, or strategy, is quick and simple and can be applied to various kinds of online content: news articles, scholarly articles, social media posts, videos, images, etc.

Each letter in SIFT corresponds to one of the Four Moves:

A graphic explaining the SIFT Method: The S stands for STOP, the I stands for Investigate the Source, the F stands for find other coverage and the T stands for trace claim quotes and media back to their original context.


Investigate the source

Find better coverage

Trace claims, quotes and media to the original context


Find more details on the Four Moves from Mike Caulfield's SIFT (Four Moves), which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Search Engines

You know the standard ones.  Here are a few others you might consider. Remember too, when using the internet for research, always use multiple search engines.