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NURS 6540: Complex/Chronic Illnesses

Resources and information relevant to the topics discussed in NURS 6540.


Welcome to the Courtright Memorial Library! This LibGuide will introduce you to available library services and resources to assist you in your class work and research.

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Getting Started

Your Cardinal student ID card is your Library card.

Your library card number (or barcode number) is the long number at the bottom of your Cardinal Card.  It starts with 777 and ends with 8888. 

Use your ID card for:

Don't PAY for Articles

 Click on FIND IT and there is no full text link?

Dont pay for research articles through Google or other search engines on the open web.  We have access to thousands of peer-reviewed and scholarly articles for your research.

If you are having trouble accessing an article feel free to email me or another librarian  with the article citation and we we will make every attempt to hunt it down for you. 

There is also the Interlibrary Loan option (see box below). Fill out the citation form and the article usually arrives electronically in 5+ days to your Otterbein email.

Class Evaluation

Subject Librarian

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Rares Piloiu


O-Zone Library Access

OZone has a library tab.  Click on the library tab and then look on the right side for the "LIBRARY HOME PAGE" link.

Another way to get to the library home page is to bypass OZone.

Go to the college's main web page  and then the A-Z lndex and "L" for library and then bookmark the page on your computer.

Recommended Journals