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Nursing Research Guide

A helpful place to find information on doing research in the Nursing field. This guide is intended to aid in literature searches and looking for other materials in the Nursing and Allied Health fields.

Search the Library Catalog

Use the library catalog, to search for books, journals, eBooks, and audio-visual materials owned by the library



Reference Materials

Looking for Nursing Books in the library?

Keywords and Subject Searching 


  • Use words that are found somewhere in the text
  • Do not use “controlled vocabulary” such as a thesaurus to create the words that can be searched
  • Will often result in returns which are not exactly what you had in mind
  • Use keyword searching when you cannot remember the exact title of an item 


  • Use a “controlled vocabulary” to create words and terms
  • Using the appropriate subject heading will retrieve all items in the database indexed under that topic
  • Results are usually more specific to your topic; less "garbage" is retrieved however, unless you find the "correct" subject terms you may not find the information you are interested in locating