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Open Educational Resources (OER), Textbooks & more

This guide is to provide background and resources on developing open education materials.

If this is your first foray into developing Open Education Resources it can seem overwhelming. Your liaisons are here to help!

If you just want to get a sense of what is available, browse these three sites:

  • Textbooks - OpenStax, Open Textbook Network
  • Curated tutorials, lessons, more - MERLOT II

NOTE: There is a lot more out there. If you are interested in developing/searching for resources, your liaison is happy to partner with you.

OER Resource List

Other resources that may have materials you can use for your class. Some of these are more specific to certain fields.

Other Tools that might be helpful.

Local/ Ohio Resources

Other Valuable OER Guides

One Library's Example

See how one library supports faculty as they develop OERs. Our library is also willing to help as you develop and seek resources for your courses.