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Open Educational Resources (OER), Textbooks & more

This guide is to provide background and resources on developing open education materials.

Take the OER WebQuest

A webquest is a platform for learners to discover a new topic by exploring a variety of websites and completing tasks for an experiential learning opportunity. Navigate through the webquest to learn more about OER.

Primary Task

In your webquest journey you need to identify five open educational resources:

1 - an open textbook

2 - an open tutorial

3 - an open educational video

4 - an open quiz

5 - an open syllabus

Secondary Task

For each OER you discover please record the following:

1 - has this OER been peer reviewed

2 - how is this OER licensed

3 - are there clear instructions for using the OER

4 - is the OER accessible 

5 - has this OER been properly maintained

WebQuest Journey - Stop One - MERLOT II

Your first stop is MERLOT II.

Use the search tools to explore different learning objects in your preferred discipline.

WebQuest Journey - Stop Two - OpenStax

Your second stop is OpenStax College

OpenStax has a more unique mission and is most useful for a particular type of OER.

WebQuest Journey - Stop 3 - OER Video

Your third stop on the WebQuest is a recorded webinar on the Introduction to Open Educational Resources, found at:

Watching this video wil give you a good overview of the textbook crisis and the OER solution.