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OneSearch: How to Use

A general guide on how to best use OneSearch.

What is OneSearch?

Featured as the first search option on the library's home page, OneSearch simplifies the process of finding information in the library. It allows you to access most all of the library's resources using a simple, Google like, search box.  


You will find the search bar on the library homepage. The OneSearch tab is the default search selection. Using OneSearch, you can search all books, articles, and other media you can access through the Otterbein Library and through OhioLink (for more, see OhioLink tab).

To use OneSearch, simply enter a search term in the search bar and click "OneSearch."

The OneSearch results will include many different types of media, including electronic resources like encyclopedias and journal articles as well as books that can be found in the Otterbein Main Collection. Click on an item's title to see more information and to access the content of online resources. If the item is available through a partner OhioLink library, you can follow the request link.


You can perform OneSearch searches by keyword, title, and author. If you want information on a particular topic, do a keyword search. Search by author if you want works by a specific author, or search by title if you know the title of the resource you're looking for.

Using OneSearch

When should I use OneSearch?

OneSearch is a great place to start your research. You can quickly find relevant resources on your subject without deciding which databases to use. 

When should I not use OneSearch?

There are times you may need resources from a specialized database for your research. Databases such as PsycINFO and CINAHL are subject relevant and use specific features available to only their interfaces.