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Display & Art Purchase Policy

Procedures for displaying art, especially in the Becker Gallery and for the purchase of permanent pieces.

Becker Images

Becker Gallery

The Becker Gallery was created in 2007 in honor of the tireless support that John and Marion Becker gave to the library.  John Becker served as library director for 32 years (1954-1985), during which time the library transitioned from Towers Hall to the Courtright Memorial Library on Main Street.

The gallery space consists of 2 brick walls and a small section of a third wall.  There is also a small space for three dimensional work in the rock garden.

Mounting Material:

Wire Hangers

Brackets for 1/4 inch foam core

Velcro holder for small pieces (would require mounting part of velcro on back)

Individual hanging rods can hold up to 70 lbs - often we can use multiple hangers to support heavier art.

With enough lead time, we can try to accomodate other sizes if necessary.


Plaque Wall: 14 ft. long x 8 ft. high

Longer Wall: 6 ft. long x 8 ft. high/ then 19 ft. long x 10 1/2 ft. high

Wall Portion: 6 ft. long x 10 1/2 ft. high