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Becker Gallery & Permanent Art Collection

Information on the Becker Gallery and the permanent art collection.

Becker Guidelines

1) Exhibits should be scheduled and planned well in advance. Individuals or organizations that wish to display in the Becker Gallery must contact the library liaison to the art department (Allen Reichert). 

2) Exhibitions must last at least one week and may not run longer than one year.

3) All shows need to provide signage and a brief description.

4) Publicity for exhibitions will be provided by the library marketing committee. The library may also work with the Office of Marketing & Communication, Office of Alumni & Family Engagement, or other divisions to publicize the display.

5) Installation and removal of the display will be the responsibility of the exhibitor or exhibiting organization and will be at a time and in a manner specified under the Agreement and Terms of Display. Generally, this document is shared during the installation but is available anytime. Contact the art liaison to see a copy of the agreement.

6) Exhibitors will be responsible for installing their work, though assistance can be provided by the library.

7) Security is limited since the library is an open building. Note that we cannot secure your art. There are security cameras that can be reviewed should an item go missing. And, if requested, security strips can be added that set off an alarm when taken out of the building.

8) Insurance will be provided by Otterbein University in the event of unforeseen damage to an exhibitor’s work. However, an inventory must be provided listing each title with its value before or when the exhibit/display is first mounted in order for the insurance policy to take effect. Please contact the art liaison, Allen Reichert, for an inventory sheet.

9) The library supports the principle of artistic and intellectual freedom. However, all proposals should be circumspect, considering the nature and function of the library. Final decisions about all materials displayed are subject to the discretion of the library director. Any complaints about exhibits or displays are to be addressed to the director in writing.

10) Suggestions for displays and requests for exhibitions are welcome. Please contact the coordinator, Allen Reichert. There is no guarantee that the suggestions will be used, and disagreements will be referred to the Library Director.