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Becker Gallery & Permanent Art Collection

Information on the Becker Gallery and the permanent art collection.


Art bench by Mendez, stone.

Louis Mendez

Rock Garden Bench 

Date Unknown


Alice and the Royal Court

The Lithograph Information for This and The Following Pieces are as Follows:

John Tenniel, Illustrator

Watercolor Artist Unknown

Alice in Wonderland Illustrations


Enlarged Lithograph on Paper, Colored Separately

Images from The Colorful Alice in Wonderland

Alice and the Caterpillar


Alice and the Cheshire Cat


Alice with Dumb and Dumber


The Rabbit Running Late to Tea


Tea Time with Alice, the Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter


1st Floor

1st Floor SculpturesWhite wooden statue

Ken Foltz

#488 Freedom

Date Unknown 

White Pine on Granite Base

Generously on Loan From Juanita Foltz


Two people learning statue

Shamu Musandi


Spring, 2015

Spring Stone

Acquired by Otterbein University Art Department during Spirits in Stone: Contemporary African Sculpture from Zimbabwe. Co Hosted with Mid-Ohio Food Bank

Otterbein University Global Collection

2nd Floor

2nd Floor SculpturesWooden Statue #137


Ken Foltz

#137 Freedom 

Date Unknown

Black Walnut on Granite Base

Generously on Loan From Juanita Foltz

Wooden Statue #412

Ken Foltz

#412 Freedom Figure

Date Unknown

Wood on Granite Base

Generously on Loan From Juanita Foltz

Black Wooden Statue

Emily Drennen '03


Date Unknown

Wood Sculpture, Black

Sketched portrait


Sidney Chafetz

Sholem Aleichem 


Otterbein University Collection 


sketched portrait


Sidney Chafetz



Otterbein University Collection


sketched portait


Sidney Chafetz

Robert Frost


Otterbein University Collection


3rd Floor

Wooden Statue #114

Ken Foltz

#414Freedom Figure

Date Unknown

Wood on Glass Base

Generously on loan from Juanita Foltz

Lonnie Sisson

The Annunciation


Oil on Canvas

In Memory of Pearle Me Redmond (1915-1972)

"Her Enthusiasm for Life Transcended the Meaning of this Painting Which She Loved So Much."

Presented by Joy and Lonnie Sisson


Jane Rau


Date Unknown

Acrylic on Canvas


Betty Woodworth Clark

Fragments of a Dream Garden

Date Unknown

Watercolor on Canvas

Purchased Materials

Courtright Memorial Library occasionally purchases art or posters for ongoing display. The library also displays some work from the permanent Otterbein collection. The library liaison to the art department (Allen Reichert) will work with the registrar of the University art collection to display works from this collection.

Gifts of art donated to the library will be examined by the library director and the art department liaison librarian. Any items we do not keep will first be offered to the registrar of the University art collection to determine if the item(s) would be of interest for the permanent Otterbein collection. If we decide not to keep the donated items we will first offer to return them to the donor. If they do not want the item(s) returned we will then either sell them and use the money for library needs or donate them to the Otterbein thrift store.

A list of the library’s permanent art collection is available. This list does not include nor does it pertain to the archives.