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Teaching Portfolios

Sharing Artifacts & Examples

In your teaching statement, you described your approach to teaching, your goals and the methods you use to reach those goals.  You also probably mentioned some examples to illustrated what you were talking about.  So now you can document those examples by providing some actual artifacts of your teaching.  For instance, you may want to include the syllabus of a course you designed, or a sample assignment, or perhaps an online module you created.

As with student evaluations, however, don't just include the samples with no context.  Provide a paragraph or two of rationale and reflection:  How and why was this particular artifact used?  How does it illustrate the principles laid out in your teaching statement?  How do you know it was successful?  

Remember, your readers may not be familiar with the specific content of the courses you teach, so simply looking at an assignment in biochemistry or Russian literature may not make much sense to them.  Guide the reader in what they should be looking for and how it demonstrates who you are as a teacher and why you are successful.

In the Otterbein review portfolio, these artifacts can be included in item c, "Other Materials."