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Teaching Portfolios

Summarizing Feedback on Teaching

An important component of your teaching portfolio is a summary and analysis of the feedback you've received on your teaching.  This summary provides evidence to document the claims made in your teaching statement.  

When we think of documenting teaching effectiveness, we often think of student evaluations.  And yes, they are an important measure.  But you may also include other forms of feedback and assessment in this section.  Don't think of this as simply a space to dump evaluations, leaving it to the reader to make sense of them.  Rather, tell a story with the feedback and demonstrate how you use the feedback you gather to continually grow and develop as a teacher.  What have you learned from your feedback? What changes have you made as a result of it?  What strengths have been identified that you have you built on?  How does the feedback support the goals and methods you described in your teaching statement?  How does the feedback guide your future plans?

For review at Otterbein, your portfolio should include the following:

All faculty on tenure-track must include university-approved, summative course evaluations for all courses.  If you do not have copies you may make copies from those in your supervisory file in the Provost/VPAA's office.  Summarized results from additional departmental or individual forms created by the department or the faculty member may also be included.  Please do not include stacks of individidual student forms.

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