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ePortfolios with Digication at Otterbein

'Four Ways of Seeing an ePortfolio'

This article, published in the AAEEBL Web site by Kathryn Coleman (Deakin U.) discusses how ePortfolios fulfill many different, but interrelated functions based on the perspective of the author and the audience, which are outlined in great detail. It's worth a read for anyone working with ePortfolio.

Guide to Courses in ePortfolio

To get started using ePortfolio in your courses, check out Digication's Course Guide, it offers a complete overview of courses, templates, and other instructional tools in ePortfolio.

Assign an ePortfolio Template to Students in a Course

The instructions below provide a brief overview of the process for creating a course in ePortfolio and assigning a template or course portfolio to students. For detailed instructions on how to carry out each step, check Digication’s Help content or contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at | 614-823-1035.

  1. Create a Course in ePortfolio (After you log in, next to My Courses, click Create and follow the prompts on the subsequent screens).
  2. Add students to your course (in your course, open the People tab (at top) and click the Add Students link (at left).
  3. Once you have added students to your course, you can assign a portfolio to the class.  Open the e-Portfolios tab (at top), then click Add Portfolio and follow the prompts on the subsequent screens.

Once a portfolio has been assigned to a course, each student will have a copy that is independent from the original.  Students will be able to make changes and access the content as long as their account remains active.  Please note that any changes made to the original portfolio after it is assigned to the course will not appear in the student copies.

Webinar on Digital Portfolios and Peer Review

Help Portfolio Overview

The How-to section of our Help Portfolio links to short videos and step-by-step instructions on how to use ePortfolios for course projects and other learning activities. It also features ePortfolio Quick Guides you can use while working in ePortfolio or to download and share with your students.

ePortfolio Accessibility

Read Digication's accessibility information, below to learn more about how ePortfolio can accomodate the needs of people with disabilities and other special needs.