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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Virtual Classrooms & Meeting Spaces

About Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a Web-based teaching and presentation platform that lets you conduct and record live sessions in which participants can view content, engage in real-time discussions, and work cooperatively using a wide range of interactive tools. Virtual classrooms in general and Collaborate Ultra in particular are used on a "live" or synchronous basis and are more complex than most desktop applications or learning management systems.

At Otterbein, Collaborate Ultra is used in both academic and administrative applications across campus. In order to ensure the overall quality of the experience for everyone involved, faculty and other university employees who wish to run sessions must complete a short moderator certification process that provides the guidance needed to use this tool effectively.

Collaborate Ultra access, certification, and room creation is coordinated by the Center for Teaching & Learning. To consult with CTL staff about the possible use of Collaborate Ultra, please contact the CTL ( | 614-823-1064).

Adding a Collaborate link in your Blackboard Course

If you are using the Collaborate room that is built into your Blackboard Learn Course, you can create a link for students (and yourself) in the navigation bar of your course.  To do so, use the following directions, also shown in the images below:

  1. Click the + above your course name at the top of the left nav.
  2. Select "Tool link"
  3. Give the link a name (Collaborate), and select Collaborate Ultra from the drop down.

You'll now have a link.  You can drag it to move it up or down in your menu.  

When you click on the link, you as the professor can then set up meeting times so students will have a link to follow for each session.  These can be set up ahead of time.

Adding a link to navigation menu

Selecting tool to add to menu

Select Collaborate Ultra link

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