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Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Virtual Classrooms & Meeting Spaces

Moderator Access to Collaborate

Moderator access to Collaborate Ultra is available to Otterbein faculty and all other employees upon completion of the moderator certification process. Certification and room creation is managed by the Center for Teaching & Learning. See below for more information.

Moderator Certification

The Collaborate Ultra Moderator Certification process will help you conduct sessions successfully. You will get guidance and tips on how to interact in a virtual room, communicate content effectively, and keep participants engaged.

Certification is broken into four sessions covering guided instruction, best practices for using the system's tools, and other design or communications considerations. Two of these sessions happen in person and the other two are held remotely in Collaborate Ultra. When you complete the process, you will receive a personalized certificate.

To request moderator certification, please email:

Session Access Links

There are two ways to enter a session in Collaborate Ultra, as the session moderator, which lets you administer the virtual space, or as a guest which still lets you interact with others, but limits your access to some of the system's tools. As a session moderator, when a virtual room is created for you in the system, you will receive an email that contains two links:

  • A moderator link that only you will use.
  • guest link that you can share with participants via email or as a Web link.

Note: Make sure you save these links for future reference. They will function as long as a room is listed in the system. If you need to receive these links again or if you would like to close access to your virtual room, please email

Moderator Certification "Refresher"

If you have extensive experience with previous versions of Collaborate or were fully trained to use the tool as part of a CTL program, you can complete a one-hour "refresher" process to become certified in Collaborate Ultra. If you are eligible for this abbreviated certification, please review the materials in the Video Tutorials section of this LibGuide and contact the CTL Studio ( | 614-823-1064) to schedule an interactive meeting with CTL staff and other guests.

CTL Moderator Certification Room

Thumbnail Preview of Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Links to the CTL Moderator Certification Room  


Enter the CTL Moderator Certification Room