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Government Document Processing

Procedures on how to process and manage our depository collection.

CRDP Overview

CRDP stands for Cataloging Record Distribution Program, provided by the GPO (Government Publishing Office).

The majority of the monographs come in correctly and almost all are online books and have item records attached. But you need to check each one to be sure that the item record does not list the icode2 as s or z.  If so it needs to be changed to "-" (Not suppressed).  Check to be sure they are coded correctly for online books (see section for Changed Inserts for correct codes). Make sure they do not say otdoc or in processing.  

And don't forget to check the Bibliography record to make sure it is not suppressed! Click on Edit to look at the bib level.

Currently, if the online government record is showing, we are leaving the item level indicating Otterbein University suppressed.

Create list

ITEM  CREATED  equal to  "12-14-2017"   
ITEM  LOCATION  equal to  "otedo"
Just remember to change the date every month to the date the records were loaded. You'll run it as an item list. Currently I've been creating the list in File 278.

Use the Marcive list to check that records are accurate. While OhioNet loads the records regularly, the Marcive list allows us to look at a batch of loads once a month. Marcive sends an email notification when the list is ready, then the Thursday after the notification we can review records. The list is created so Otterbein can look at only those records we request.

Once I'm notified about the CRDP records we still need to wait until the following Thursday.

  • Go to Create Lists to create a review file. (I've been using list 278/279)
  • Click copy (button in the upper Rt hand corner right under FUNCTION) and scroll down to btwn 500s and 600s.
    • ​look for OT notification file G_15_ (date) - should look something like this. There will be two lists. One for new and one for Changed.
  • Click okay to copy, then click "Yes" to remove from the list.
  • Proceed to process as before.

CRDP Changed Inserted (new)

Often these items will be the records that have a bad location.

Records with Bad Location:

If locations presents as "bad" under the bib utility number:

  • Delete the record under a All if there are other university locations
  • Delete whole bibliographic record if only Otterbein has a record
  • Rarely, you might consider manually attaching a record.

Click on the Changed insert line to open up the list of titles.  From the list, click on each record to open the bibliographic record in Sierra (or if necessary you can search for your BIB in Sierra by .bxxxxxxx)

1) The item should open in Edit (bibliographic record)
Following codes: 
icode1=   421  (Gov Doc) 
icode2=   -  (Displays OPAL/Displays OhioLink) 
itype =   57(book)
Location =   otedo (online document)
Status =  g   (online) 
2) Click on Edit to go back to the bib record and change it from m (suppressed) to u so that it shows in the catalog. The Bib location bad will reset to Otterbein overnight and doesn't need updated.  If you prefer you can click on location and add ot for Otterbein and delete the bad designation.