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An Overview of CTL Resources

This LibGuide provides an overview of our online and print resources on teaching & learning.

Immersive Technologies

Gear to borrow

The Center for Teaching and Learning supports the exploration of immersive technologies such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed realities. To that end several CTL funded learning communities incorporated various immersive technologies and techniques in support of learning. As a result, a range of hardware and software was purchased for these communities to use and then donated for community access at both the Courtright Memorial Library and Otterbein's innovation center, The Point.

Faculty, students and staff can access the following:

  • Two, HTC Vive systems
  • Two, Windows Mixed Reality Systems
  • 15, Google Cardboard headsets
  • Two, 360 cameras
  • One, VR ready laptop
  • One VR ready desktop


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