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MKTG 4300: Integrated Marketing Communications

Resources for researching marketing industries and products.

Collegiate ECHO

Your Challenge: Create a local integrated marketing campaign for the Boxed brand identity in the most cohesive, consistent, continuous, and complementary way. Your challenge is to use digital, non-digital, word of mouth, and guerilla marketing tactics to acquire new customers that fit within our target audience.

Your Target Demographic: The campaign should be targeting affluent families, primarily focusing on moms. These moms are super busy, often working, who also manage the household while living in a suburban area. They spend less time between orders, but more time building their cart and love the Prince & Spring private label. They also have a huge referral impact and are much more likely to refer other customers.

Your Budget: $250,000 USD, no more than $75,000 can be allocated to non digital media. Must include word of mouth/referral tactic. Video asset is optional.

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