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Faculty Resources for Supporting Students in the Classroom

Faculty resources to support struggling students in the classroom. Mental health awareness and students with registered disabilities.

Articles & Additional Resources

Advisor & Student Expectations

Advisor Expectations

  • Understanding all aspects of Otterbein's grading policy.
  • Understanding the mechanics of enrolling a student, such as scheduling, the add/drop process and closed section situations.
  • Knowing where to refer students in case of special needs.
  • Helping the student plan a complete course designed through personal interaction between the student and the advisor, utilizing career interests and academic records.
  • Relaying information that he/she may have about extracurricular activities and career opportunities that may enhance the student's learning experiences.

Student Expectations

  • Making an appointment for consultations during posted office hours when possible and keeping appointments.
  • Consulting with your advisor at least once per semester.
  • Seeking assistance with the decisions to be made rather than expecting the advisor to make them.
  • Seeking additional counsel from other appropriate sources if necessary.
  • Running a degree audit each term, in Self-Service Banner, to check how you are progressing with your graduation requirements.


Cardinal Concerns

Coping with Failure in College

Campus Policies

In-Progress (IP) Grades
(Otterbein Course Catalog,
2018-2019 Undergraduate)

In-Progress (IP) Grades

“IP” is the temporary symbol given when course requirements have not been met due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. An incomplete grade should only be considered when the majority of the work required for the course has already been finished. The pressures of a normal academic load or the desire to do extra work in the course are not sufficient reasons for granting an incomplete.

The amount of additional time permitted might be no more than a few days or weeks since it should be proportional to the student’s illness or absence, etc. while remaining fair to others who were enrolled in the course. The IP must be completed no later than the following applicable deadline or sooner if prescribed by the instructor: for Fall IP’s, the last day of the Spring classes; for Cardinal Term classes, the last day of Spring classes; for Spring, and Summer IP’s, the last day of Fall classes.

Due to extraordinary circumstances, an IP completion deadline may be considered for extension. To receive consideration, the student (not the instructor) must submit a written request/rationale to the applicable School Dean no later than the seventh Friday of the term the IP is due for completion.

It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to arrange for completion of the work, and it is the instructor’s responsibility to submit the final grade. When no grade is received, the default grade previously provided by the instructor will be assigned.


Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success is a resource center for students at Otterbein. We offer supplemental academic advising and peer mentoring for students dealing with academic concerns; help students make individualized academic success plans and refer students to appropriate campus offices for help and guidance. We serve as an advocate and remove barriers to your success.

Schedule an appointment:
Office- 614.823.1624 Location- Towers Hall
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