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Faculty Resources for Supporting Students in the Classroom

Faculty resources to support struggling students in the classroom. Mental health awareness and students with registered disabilities.

Accommodations & Support

Accommodations available to Otterbein students can include:

  • Testing Accommodations (extra time, distraction-reduced space, reader/scribe, computer)
  • Note-Taking Assistance
  • Alternative Media/Accessible Course Materials
  • Assistive Technology
  • Sign Language Interpreting/Transcribing
  • Advocacy
  • Priority Registration
  • Residence Hall & Dining Accommodations
  • Other Disability Services & Academic Support Center Services

Attendance Requirements and Modifications

Should a student need attendance or course modifications, you will receive communication and/or an accommodation letter from the Office of Disability Services. The process of determining what is appropriate often requires a further conversation between the professor, Disability Services, and the student. The following considerations may help guide that determination:

  • Accommodations = modifications to policies/practice
  • Determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Consider the situation         
  • Not cut & dry – discuss with DS if unsure &/or before you rule out flexibility
  • Rarely would a couple of days of flexibility become an issue
  • Questions to consider:
    • What are the policy and the essential requirements based on the nature of this course?
    • Why are those requirements essential?
    • Would any flexibility alter the fundamental requirements for the course?
    • Would any flexibility significantly alter/interrupt the flow of the course?
    • Can the student still participate in the course with flexibility?
    • Is the student’s contribution to the course (attendance, participation, interaction) necessary?
    • Is it a large class during which no one speaks or a smaller class with much discussion, interaction, questions, etc.?

Helpful Campus Resources

Otterbein offers various means of support for students throughout the year. Below are some campus resources that you may find helpful.

Academic Support Center (ASC) - located on the 2nd floor of Courtright Memorial Library

Refer to the ASC website ( for more information regarding any of the following services:

ASC 1100 - College Reading and Study Strategies (by placement)
ASC 1150 -  Argumentative Writing (by placement)

Disability Services - works closely with qualified students with disabilities to ensure they have equal access to an education and to campus life. This access is provided to students through services, accommodations, and advocacy.

Math Lab -  provides free tutoring to support coursework in several math courses.

Writing Center - offers you a variety of services to help you write essays, research papers, compositions, and more.

Tutoring - Free one-on-one tutoring in many courses may be arranged by calling the ASC administrative assistant at 823-1610. Tutors in Music and Foreign   Languages are to be obtained directly through those departments. Please contact Music at (614) 823-1508 and Foreign Languages at (614) 823-1361.

Additional Campus Resources
The Counseling Center offers up to five counseling sessions per year for students free-of-charge. Group counseling, wellness outreach, crisis intervention and debriefing, and consultation are also available. 

The Center for Student Success can assist students with supplemental advising and peer mentoring, individualized success plans, and exploring various resources on campus.

Student Affairs has many offices to provide support and resources for students and faculty. 

Student Conduct focuses on educating students about their responsibility as members of the Otterbein community; assisting students in making changes in their behavior; and adjudicating alleged policy violations. From speakers to individual counseling, a variety of educational opportunities help students make informed decisions about personal and lifestyle issues. Student Conduct and Otterbein offers counseling services, in conjunction with community psychologists, to students in need of assistance. Students can see counselors on campus and Otterbein covers the cost for three sessions. Contact the Student Affairs Office if you have additional questions, concerns, or for a referral. The office is located in the Student Affairs Office, 65 West Home Street, at the rear of Hanby Hall.

Student Wellness: From special events to individual counseling, Student Affairs offers a variety of wellness programs to help students make informed decisions about personal and lifestyle issues. Topics such as stress management, alcohol awareness, eating disorders, sexual health, sexual assault and women's issues are addressed through publications, residence hall programming, discussions and guest speakers. These programs increase awareness and help students develop strategies for handling the many issues that can arise during the college years. Students are encouraged to considering joining counseling groups and/or scheduling an appointment to see a counselor on campus when they are confronted with personal challenges.

DAIS, Disability Access Information & Support Articles/Blog posts

Library Resources

Online Resources

DAIS, Disability Access Information and Support 


Disability Services Student Handbook

Parent Resources

Academic Support Center - Office of Disability Services

The mission of the Academic Support Center is to help students develop and strengthen the skills necessary to attain their academic goals.  Through collaboration with students, faculty, and staff the  ASC supports students in becoming independent, life-long learners in an accessible, student-centered environment.  We facilitate the development of learning strategies and skills in partnership with peers and professionals through tutoring, academic coaching, supplemental instruction, academic courses, and other learner-focused services.

Disability Services - works closely with qualified students with disabilities to ensure they have equal access to an education and to campus life. This access is provided to students through services, accommodations, and advocacy.

Location: Courtright Memorial Library, 2nd Floor

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Phone: 614.823.1610
Fax: 614.823.1983

Learning Differences & Disability Syllabus Statement

Faculty should include a statement within their syllabus to inform students of our resources. Please read through the statement with your students, offer to meet with them in a private setting to ensure confidentiality, and welcome what may be a difficult conversation for them to initiate. 

We would like to normalize the need for such assistance and learning differences. A syllabus statement and understanding faculty will support those efforts. Remember, it can be helpful and reassuring to revisit the statement throughout the term as a reminder to our students. 

Sample Syllabus Statement

Learning Differences and Disability Services
Accessibility is important to us. If you have a learning difference or documented accommodation needs that arise, you are welcome to consult with me privately at any point throughout the term. I do encourage you to speak with me as soon as possible, however, so that we may make arrangements in advance. You may also connect with Kera McClain Manley, Office of Disability Services, to discuss your needs.

Disability Services is located in Room #228 on the second floor of the library in the Academic Support Center.

For more information, contact Kera via email at or phone at 614-823-1618 or visit the Disability Services website -