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APA Style -6th edition

This guide provides resources for learning how to cite your sources using APA Style guidelines.

Edition of a Book other than the First

Second edition = 2nd ed.
Third edition = 3rd ed.
Fourth edition = 4th ed.
Revised edition = Rev. ed.

General Format

  • In-text citation, paraphrase: (Author's surname, year)

  • In-text citation, quotation: (Author's surname, year, page number)

  • Reference list citation: Author Surname, Initial(s). (Year). Book title: Subtitle (edition). Place of Publication: Publisher. 


  • In-text citation, paraphrase: (Harris, 2001)

  • In-text citation, quotation: (Harris, 2001, p. 50)

  • Reference list citation: Harris, L. A. (2001). Canadian copyright law (3rd ed.). Toronto, ON: McGraw Hil Ryerson.